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M109 (155mm) Spotlight (VUS150)


Includes one M109 (155mm) Self-propelled gun with M108 (105mm) option, four Vehicle commander figures

The M108 (105mm) and M109 (155mm) are the latest self-propelled artillery pieces in the US Army. Initially, the lighter M108 was preferred for its ability to carry more ammunition and the relative ease of resupply. Later they were phased out in favour of the more effective M109, as the supply problems were reduced when operating from fire support bases.

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Deployed in static firebases they provided long-range fire support for troops put in the field as well as much-needed defensive firepower when PAVN troops came out of the jungle.

Designed by Tim Adcock
Painted by Andrew Agutters

The M109 (155mm) in ‘Nam
The M108 (105mm) in ‘Nam
M109 (155mm) M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
M109 (155mm) M109 (155mm)
M109 (155mm) M109 (155mm)
M109 (155mm) M109 (155mm)
M109 (155mm) M109 (155mm)
Contents of the M109 (155mm) Box Set
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