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US 4.2″ Mortar Platoon Assembly


4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717) The 4.2in Mortars & Crew
Description of Components
a. 3x Gunner figures loading projectile.
b. 4x Gunner figures holding projectile.
c. 3x Standing figures covering ears.
d. 3x Standing figures with hands on hips.
e. 3x Standing figures with hand in air.
f. 4x M30 4.2in mortar tubes with base plate.
Assembling The 4.2in Mortar Teams
Each 4.2in mortar team consists of one M30 4.2in mortar manned by a four-man crew. The crew consists of one of figure type B with the remaining three crew members made up from a mixture of figure types A, C, D and E. Feel free to use which ever poses you think work best in your mortar teams. The 4.2in mortar teams are based using the large six-hole bases included in the blister pack.
The Bases
Description of Components
a. 1x Small three-hole base.
b. 4x Large six-hole bases.
4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717)
US Infantry Painting Guide
4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717)
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US 4.2″ Mortar Platoon (VUS717) Spotlight


  includes two Mortar sections each with two M30 4.2in mortars and crew, one Small three-hole base & four Large six-hole bases.

The M30 4.2in (107mm) mortar first entered service with the United States Army in 1951 as a direct replacement for the M2 107mm mortar. Despite being twice the weight of the M2 (305kg vs. 151kg), the M30 enjoyed greater range and an increase in killing power when compared to its predecessor.

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Due to its weight, the M30 was often mounted in vehicles such as the M113 where it could offer mobile fire support to hotspots on the battlefield. When mounted on the ground, the base plate had to be dug-in and covered in sandbags in order to stabilise it. But even with these measures, the recoil caused when the weapon was fired would cause the base plate to shift therefore drastically reducing accuracy.  What’s more, rate of fire was also reduced while the crew were forced to recalibrate the sights with the aiming stakes.

In many cases these were discarded for the lighter and more mobile M29 81mm mortar to allow the platoon to accompany the battalion on combat operations.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Steve London

The M30 4.2in Mortar Teams
4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717) 4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717)
The M30 4.2in Mortar in ‘Nam
4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717) 4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717)
4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717) 4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717)
4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717) 4.2" Mortar Platoon (VUS717)
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