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Anti-tank Platoon (VAN707) (ANZAC) Spotlight


Includes three Anti-tank Squads each with two M67 90mm recoilless teams & six Medium four-hole bases.

The M67 recoilless rifle was a 90mm weapon designed primarily to be used as an anti-tank weapon. However, it could also be used in an anti-personnel role with the use of the specialised M590 anti-personnel round. It could be fired either from the ground using a bipod and monopod or from the shoulder using the fixed bipod as a shoulder rest and the monopod as a front grip.

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The M67 proved itself as an effective weapon, though it was primary used against infantry and fortified targets rather than actual armoured targets. However, the M67 was not without its faults; mainly its weight and size of its back blast. These factors tended to limit the M67 use to purely defensive operations.

Designed by James Brown
Painted by James Brown

The M67 90mm Recoilless Teams
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
The M67 90mm Recoilless in ‘Nam
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
Contents of The Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) Blister Pack
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Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) The NCO
Description of Components
a. 1x Standing NCO figure with Owen gun.
b. 1x Standing NCO figure with M16.
c. 1x Kneeling NCO figure pointing.Assembling The NCO Figures
The Anti-tank platoon is made up of three Anti-tank squads, each containing two M67 90mm recoilless teams. One team in each squad must contain a NCO figure in order to correctly represent the unit.
The M67 90mm Recoilless Team
Description of Components
a. 6x Kneeling M67 90mm recoilless gunner figures.
b. 6x Standing M67 90mm recoilless loader figures.
Assembling TheM67 90mm Recoilless Team
Each of the six teams that make up the three squads of the Anti-tank platoon must contain both the M67 90mm recoilless gunner and loader figures.
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)
Description of Components
a. 1x Kneeling rifleman figure planting Claymore.
b. 1x Standing rifleman figure aiming SLR.
1x Squatting rifleman figure aiming M16.
d. 1x Kneeling rifleman figure aiming SRL.
e. 1x Advancing rifleman figure.
1x Running rifleman figure.
Assembling the The Riflemen Figures
Of the two teams that make you each Anti-tank squad, one team must contain a NCO figure, a Rifleman figure and a M67 90mm recoilless gunner and loader. The other team in the squad needs to contain a rifleman figure, a M60 gunner and a M67 90mm recoilless gunner and loader. The M67 90mm recoilless teams are modelled on the Medium four-hole bases provided in the blister pack.
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707) M60 Gunners
Description of Components
a. 2x M60 gunner figures firing from the hip.
b. 1x Standing M60 gunner figure.Assembling the The M60 Gunner Figures
An M60 gunner is included in one of the two M67 90mm recoilless team that make up a Anti-tank squad. See the text regarding assembling the Riflemen figures for further information.
ANZAC Infantry Painting Guide
Anti-tank Platoon (ANZAC) (VAN707)