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M113 FSV Turret (VAN242) Spotlight


M113 FSV Turret (VAN242) includes two Resin M113 FSV turrets, two Resin M113 FSV decks & two Tank Commander figures.

The first ad-hoc fire support troop was formed in 1967 when the Australians borrowed obsolete American M108 self-propelled guns for fire base defence at Nui Dat and later the Horseshoe. Despite orders against their use in the field, 6 Troop were used on occasion to transport patrols and for convoy escort work.

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When the loan ended after six months, the cavalry looked for a more permanent solution, finding it in the M113 Fire Support Vehicle (FSV), an M113 mounting the turret of a Saladin armoured car. These ‘beasts’, as they were often called, arrived in Vietnam in 1970, remaining until the end.

Note: The M113 FSV Turret blister pack does not include the M113; the M113 has to be purchased separately as part of the M113 Platoon box set.

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Designed by Tim Adcock

M113 FSV Turret (VAN242)
M113 FSV Turret (VAN242) M113 FSV Turret (VAN242) M113 FSV Turret (VAN242)
The M113 FSV in ‘Nam
Contents of the M113 FSV Turret Blister Pack
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M113 FSV Turret (VAN242)
Description of Components
a. 2x M113 FSV resin decks.
2x M113 FSV resin turrets.
c. 2x Vehicle commander figures.
d. 2x Gun & hatch sprues.