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K-3 (PT-76) (VPA031) Spotlight

K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03) includes one K-3 (PT-76) Armoured Personnel Carrier and one Tank Commander sprue.

The People’s Army committed their armour into battle in battalions, Tiểu Đoàn Thiết Giáp (pronounced thee-ow doh‑ahn tee-et harp), and grouped these into entire regiments.

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As aid from China and the Soviet Union increased, their armoured strength grew rapidly from a single battalion in 1965 to three armoured regiments in 1971. This gave them a significant advantage over the puppet forces as each battalion had more tanks than an entire ARVN armoured brigade.

The Vietnamese term xe thiết giáp (ironclad vehicle) is used to refer to tanks. However, the influence of the English word ‘tank’ has also led to the use of xe tăng (pronounced ser tung), or simply tăng as well. Confusingly, tăng itself means increase or up.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Blake Coster

The K-3 (PT-76) in ‘Nam
K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03) K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03)
Built as a amphibious light tank, the K-3 (Soviet designation PT-76) was ideal for operations in Vietnam where its light armour and mobility allowed it to manoeuvre through terrain that would stop other vehicles. Armed with a 76mm gun it could knock out enemy gun positions, but was less reliable against enemy armour.
K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03) K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03)
K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03) K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03)
K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03) K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03)
K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03) K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03)
The K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company Advance
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K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company (VPABX03)
Description of Components
b. 1x Tank commander sprue.
c. 5x Turret hatches.
d. 5x Main guns.
5x .50cal AA MGs.
f. 5x Mudguard sprues.
g. 5x Left-hand side tracks.
h. 5x Right-hand side tracks.
i. 5x Resin K-4 (PT-76) turrets & hulls.