Battlefront Miniatures Limited is a New Zealand company which manufactures 15mm (1:100) Scale models and miniaturesĀ from the 20th century for wargaming and collecting.

The Team Yankee and ‘Nam ranges includes tanks, helicopters, aircraft and other armoured fighting vehicles, artillery and infantry. The range will be expanding to include a wide variety of nations that you can refight the Cold War on your tabletop.

Our vehicles are unique in that they are made of different mediums. Many are made using styrene plastic that be quickly and easily assembled using the plastic glue. Other models have the hulls are cast in polyester resin, which gives a sharp attention to detail, while more delicate components are cast in white metal to provide robustness. These models assemble using Superglue or a two-part Epoxy Resin glue. They paint up well with any easily available Colours Of War or Team Yankee paint ranges.

We take pride in the quality of our products and constantly research accuracy. We are committed to giving you the most detailed range of scale models on the market.