Operation Buffalo 25% Off Sale

Operation Buffalo began on July 2nd and it inflicted the most amount of casualties on a single Marine Rifle Company of any operation carried out in Vietnam. What started out as straight forward turned into an absolute meat grinder for both sides. Alan Graham talks all about Operation Buffalo in an article here.

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Because of the timing of Alan’s article and the actual events of Operation Buffalo we’ve decided to hold a sale on part of the ‘Nam range! We are giving 25% off the entire North Vietnamese Regular Army Infantry range (excludes the Unit Card Pack and Local Forces) for the rest of the month. If you’ve been eyeing up an NVA unit that you’ve always wanted or are even looking to start a new army then this a great opportunity to take advantage of.

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Don’t forget that we are also running a launch sale over on the Fate Of A Nation website where you can pick up some great new releases!

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NAM: Up the River at No Dice, No Glory

Dane over at No Dice, No Glory has written a battlereport on a game he had using ‘Nam. This was his second game using the book and this time he opted to play the mission Up River. He faced off against Paul and his Local Forces in a 65 point game. Will the Riverine Forces come out on top or will the Local Forces overwhelm them? Check out the full article see how the battle went.

NAM: Up the River at No Dice, No Glory…

Breakthrough Assault – Nam Demo Day At Entoyment Hobby Store

Jersey James at Breakthrough Assault did a ‘Nam Demonstration game at Entoyment Hobby Store in Parkstone on the South Coast of England. He showed off his Brown Water Navy by doing some River Patrol missions and getting a chance to show off the game to some Flames Of War regulars who might not have seen the game before hand. Check it out here to see how it went.

Breakthrough Assault – Nam Demo Day At Entoyment…

International Table Top Day Sale This Weekend!

April 28th is International Table Top Day. It’s a day to celebrate tabletop gaming in all its glory and share the hobby with some friends, after all one of the best parts about tabletop gaming is the community. To celebrate the day we are giving a 20% discount this weekend from the 27th of April to the 30th of April on Army Boxes, Unit Card Packs and the ‘Nam book itself!

We are still running our launch sale which gives 25% off across the rest of the range but since all good things must come to an end this will be finishing on the 31st of May. That’s just time for you to pick up a book and unit cards on sale this weekend and have a chance to work out an army and pick it up at a great price.

Don’t miss out on this weekends sale on the book, unit cards and army deals though!

Our Man In Saigon

Phil and Mike have been busy reviewing all of the questions that have popped up on the Facebook Group and put together an FAQ.

Download Our Man From Saigon here…
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We will continue to periodically update the FAQ based on your feedback.