Black Friday Sale Announcement

Between November 15 and December 2, we will be holding a Black Friday Sale on selected Flames Of War Mid War Desert, Fate of a Nation, ‘Nam, Battlefield in a Box, and Great War product on

This sale is a little different to previous sales— only products already in stock will be on sale and once that stock has been sold out, that product will be removed from the sale. This means there is a limited supply of any given sale item, but it also means that your product will be shipped quickly and arrive on your doorstep in no time.

  • Flames Of War Mid War Desert terrain and models will be discounted by 40%
  • ‘Nam, Great War, and Fate of a Nation product will be discounted by 30%

No matter what force you’re working on for whatever system, whether it’s a Desert Rats Valentine force, a US Marine for Great War, or an NVA ‘Nam army, there will be something for everyone over the sale period.

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‘Nam Hits Forces

‘Nam Forces is the fast and easy way to design your ‘Nam forces, whether refining a Force from your current collection, or brainstorming something completely new. All your favourite weapons and units from ‘Nam in one place, to make list-building easy as it can be.

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Bushrangers: The Flying Kangaroo

with Hauke Kolle

Although not nearly as numerous or famous as their American counterparts, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) also operated helicopter gunships in Vietnam. While waiting for the bureaucrats in Australia to approve the purchase of gunship kits, the men on the ground traded beer for weaponry and modified the first gunship on their own. Thus, ‘Ned Kelly’, the first of four Australian gunships was created. They were piloted by airmen of No. 9 Squadron, RAAF, who were flying Australia’s UH-1H ‘Hueys’. The ‘Bushrangers’ provided the RAAF with the firepower to escort their medevac operations, along with the ability to directly support the infantry…

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Hanoi’s Saigon Front: Vietnamese Forces in the Battle for Saigon

Hanoi’s Saigon Front: Vietnamese Forces in the Battle for SaigonThe People’s Army of Vietnam viewed the area around Saigon as critical to winning the Vietnam War. Their B2 Front commanded the North Vietnamese forces in and around Saigon and the Mekong Delta. The battles there were tough and hard fought. Both sides made major offensives like the American Operation Cedar Falls and the North Vietnamese Tet offensive, but neither side was able to decisively beat the other in combat. In the end it was the North Vietnamese willingness to take casualties and keep fighting that won the war for them after the United States finally withdrew from Vietnam after seven long year.

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Our Man In Saigon

Last Updated 21 December 2018

Phil and Mike have been busy reviewing all of the questions that have popped up on the Facebook Group and put together an FAQ.This latest update includes a number of recent questions from the community

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We will continue to periodically update the FAQ based on your feedback.