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M109 (155mm) and M108 (105mm) Assembly


Step 1. Begin assembly of the M109 (155mm) by attaching the tracks.
Tip: Ensure that the drive sprocket is towards the rear of the vehicle.Below: The left-hand side track attached to the hull.Below: The right-hand side track attached to the hull.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
Tip: When referring to left or right-hand side in regards to a Flames Of War miniature, the orientation is determined as if looking at the vehicle from the rear.
Step 2. Next, attach the recoil spades to the back of the resin hull of the M109 (155mm).Below: The left-hand side recoil spade in place.Below: Both recoil spades correctly attached to the rear of the M109.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
Below: Tim has created a magnet well in the turret and the guns to make for an easy barrel swap. Below: The magnet wells in the back of the gun barrels.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
Below: The magnets attached to the gun barrels.Below: The 155mm gun barrel attached to the turret.Below: The 105mm gun barrel attached to the turret.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
Below: An optional step is to drill out the muzzle brake of the 155mm gun.Tip: A 2mm drill bit is perfect for drilling out the muzzle brake of the 155mm gun barrel.Below: Carefully drill through the first baffle of the muzzle brake.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
Below: Drill through the second baffle of the muzzle brake.Below: The completed drilled out muzzle brake of the 155mm. Step 3. Next, attach the commander’s hatch to the top of the turret.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
Step 4. Attach the .50 cal AA MG to the mounting arm on the commander’s hatch.Below: With the .50 cal AA MG in place, the M109 (155mm) is ready for painting.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)
Adding A Tank Commander
Step 1. Replace the close hatch with the open commander’s hatch.Step 2. Attach a tank commander figure.Step 3. Attach the .50 cal AA MG.Below: The fully-assembled M109 (155mm) complete with tank commander.
M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)M109 (155mm) (VUSBX08)