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Assembling the ATC(H) (VUSBX14)


ATC(H) (VUSBX15)Follow this guide to correctly assemble your ATC(H). For metal and resin models like this one, we recommend you use cyanoacrylate ‘Super Glue’.

GF9 Super Glue is available in the online store…

Contact the customer service team at [email protected] if you have any issues with any of the components.
Step 1. Add the bow to the hull (you don’t have to glue this part).Step 2. Glue the pilot’s deck to the hull.Below. Hull assembled correctly.
Step 3. Glue the guns into their turrets.You have the option of replacing one of your Mk 16 20mm guns with a Mk 19 40mm Grenade MG, so four turrets are provided.
Below. Fully assembled ATC(H)
Happy modelling!